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acura legend photos

Posted by acuracar on October 20, 2009

acura legend photosAcura-Legend
Offers a message board with discussion for Acura Legend owners, tutorials, news, group buys, and links to resources.

Acura Legend Review – Edmunds
This review contains useful information about the Acura Legend Luxury Sedan, including specs, model history and used-car buying advice.

1992 Acura Legend Specs – Edmunds
Get the Latest Style Specs on the 1992 Acura Legend – The smart car buyer’s source for vehicle information and ratings on the web…

Acura Legend Parts @ Car Parts Wholesale
Honda introduced the Acura Legend together with Acura Integra in 1986 as a … The first generation Acura Legend was produced from year 1986 to 1990. …

Acura Legend Research All Models and Prices – MSN Autos
Read expert reviews of the Acura Legend from MSN Autos and others. … The 1995 Acura Legend is available in six models: L and LS 2-door coupes; and L, …

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